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Legislation Efforts

MNABA, as an organization, is working to create licensure for behavior analysts in the state of Minnesota. The purpose of this bill is to create protections for members of the public seeking behavior analytic services and to ensure that more Minnesotans will have access to quality behavior analytic services by growing the field and raising the quality of clinical standards. 

MNABA also works to support other bills that are important for expanding the availability of services, improving the quality of services delivered, supporting families and individuals who benefit from these services. 

Licensing behavior analysts

At MNABA, we believe that licensing behavior analysts is an integral part to making sure all families receive fair, appropriate services. Many families in Minnesota have come to depend on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in schools, clinics, and even their homes. All families have the right to expect services whose quality they can rely on to be ethical, equitable, and scientifically supported. Licensure is one way that we can support and protect families in Minnesota who receive these services, to ensure they are receiving the quality of service they deserve and that many have come to expect and depend on. 

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News that may interest you

During the 2023 legislative season, the Minnesota legislature approved a bill to conduct a rate study for providers of EIDBI services. This rate study was conducted because many Minnesotans receive their behavior analytic services through the EIDBI benefit, which will be impacted by the results of this rate study. The results of the rate study are in and reccommendations have been provided for changes in provider reimursement for EIDBI services rendered by behavior analysts.

Click here to see the DHS rate study final report.

Click here to see the DHS slides regarding the rate study.

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