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Find Service Providers

There are many different types of behavior analytic services and services based on the principles of behavior analysis, like Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) or Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Some service providers may use behavior analysis to focus their therapy on a specific skill area (e.g., feeding therapy) while others may address a variety of needs. Service providers may also specialize in supporting a narrow age group (e.g., preschool age, 18 to 21) or a broad range of ages (e.g., 21 and under, 18 and older). Most service providers have specific settings they work in, like homes or schools, but some do provide service across multiple settings. The services that many providers offer change over time, often changing to meet the needs of the communities they are part of and based on the feedback from their stakeholders. This portal page is meant to help you access possible service providers who may be able to support you, but you will need to review each provider's website to know if they are able to offer the service you need. 

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