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Michael Laverdiere

President Elect

Michael Laverdiere.jpeg

Michael Laverdiere is the BCBA Director at Minnesota Autism Centers. A U.S. Navy veteran, father, and graduate of Northern Michigan University's Applied Behavior Analysis program, Michael has been working in the field of ABA since 2017. In 2019, he completed a fellowship with the Michigan Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities program, an interdisciplinary training program that develops Michigan's leaders with the goal of improving the health of infants, children and adolescents with or at risk for neurodevelopmental disabilities and related health care needs through state legislature and advocacy initiatives. Michael remains passionate about legislative efforts toward BCBA licensure and regulatory efforts in the application of our technology. As BCBA Director at Minnesota Autism Centers, he is devoted to promoting compassionate and trauma-informed care and the development of innovative partnerships across disciplines and with school districts throughout Minnesota. 

At a Glance: President Elect

Position held since:

Our president elect has served in this position since 2023.

Years served on board:

Our current president elect has served on the MNABA board since 2023.

The president elect's role at MNABA

The president elect of MNABA currently serves a 1-year term. The president elect of MNABA is expected to review all administrative policies and provide support and assistance in all conference and communication committee meetings. 

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