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Odessa Luna

President Elect

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Dr. Odessa Luna is an assistant professor and current program director at St. Cloud State University in the master’s program in applied behavior analysis. She has worked and conducted research in variety of applied settings (public schools, a university clinic, foster homes, in-patient psychiatric hospital, and juvenile residential treatment facility). One of her research interests includes how to train staff, parents, and teachers to implement practical procedures to decrease problem behavior and increase appropriate behavior in less-than-optimal settings. Dr. Luna is also interested in best practices in behavior-analytic supervision, open educational resources in higher education, and culturally responsive and anti-racist teaching practices in higher education. As MNABA president-elect, Dr. Luna strives to create an active MNABA board: updating the board’s strategic plan, increasing dissemination efforts through social media platforms, and aligning the membership’s values and priorities in creating dynamic and engaging professional development opportunities.


Dr. Luna loves spending time with her husband, son, and her dog. She also loves baking cookies and brownies and trying out new recipes!

At a Glance: President Elect

Position held since:

Our president elect has served in this position since 2022.

Years served on board:

Our current president elect has served on the MNABA board in various capacities since 2019.

The president elect's role at MNABA

The president elect of MNABA currently serves a 1-year term. The president elect of MNABA is expected to review all administrative policies and provide support and assistance in all conference and communication committee meetings. 

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