Plan your conference sessions!

Get out your calendars! With our first virtual conference we created a schedule that fits into your workday.

We've added a schedule to our event page. Add events to your work calendar to save the spot!

We also have a full list of events here with more updates to come! The entire conference (with workshops) offers 20 CEUs with 5 ethics hours!

Sat. 9/19

10:00-1:00pm (3.0 CEUs / 3.0 Ethics) Amber Maki, Elizabeth Harri-Dennis, & Sara Althman

Workshop: Becoming a Licensed 245D Provider

2:00p - 5:00pm (3.0 CEUs) Benjamin Witts

Workshop: The Right to Effective Treatment: Understanding and Incorporating the Scientific Literature into your Practice

Sun. 9/20

10am-11:30am (1.5 CEUs) Kelly Schieltz

Workshop: Conducting Functional Analysis and Function Communication Training via Telehealth

11:30am-1:00pm (1.5 CEUs) TBA

Workshop: TBA

5:00 - 7:00pm Exhibitor Meet-Up - Virtual networking event!

Mon. 9/21

11am-12:15pm (1.5 CEUs) Jennifer McComas

Lunch & Learn: TBA

12:30-1:45pm (1.5 CEUs) Stephanie Hood

Lunch & Learn: TBA

5:30-7:30pm Poster Blitz and virtual social

Tue. 9/22

11am-12:15pm (1.5 CEUs) Kelly Schieltz

Lunch & Learn: Behavioral Persistence: Improving Treatment Effects for Severe Problem Behavior and Significant Academic Problems

5:30-7:00pm Public Policy SIG Meeting

Wed. 9/23

11am-12:30pm (1.5 CEUs) Timothy Vollmer

Lunch & Learn: Impediments to Effective Behavioral Treatment

5:30-7:00pm School Based Behavior Analysts SIG Meeting

Thu. 9/24

11am-12:15pm (1.5 CEUs) Tara Fahmie

Lunch & Learn: Function-Based Prevention: Using Functional Analysis to Screen and Intervene on Emerging Problem Behavior

5:30-7:30pm Student Member Virtual Social

Fri. 9/25

11am-12:15pm (1.5 CEUs) Nic Weatherly

Lunch & Learn: Deliberate Coaching: The Role of Organizational Coaching Systems in Culture Change

5:30-7:00pm Behavior Analysis for Adult Services SIG Meeting

Sat. 9/26

12pm-2pm (2.0 CEUs/ 2.0 Ethics) Adrienne Bradley, Jovonnie Esquierdo-Leal, TBA

FREE Panel / Town Hall: Diversity, Inclusivity, and Social Justice in Behavior Analysis


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