MNABA Statement on Fighting Injustice in Our Community

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Dear MNABA members and friends,

MNABA joins our state, our country, and our world in expressing our sadness and anger of the recent horrific events of racial injustice in the US, including the murder of George Floyd in our own community.

MNABA is committed to following our core values below to create positive social change at home and through our society to eliminate racial disparities. We commit to:

  1. Disseminate information about the science and practice of behavior analysis, including education and training programs.

  • MNABA supports the efforts of members and affiliates working toward policy change to improve equity and representation.

  • The MNABA board commits to presenting a diverse schedule of speakers and topics during its annual conference and events throughout the year.

  1. Discuss issues relevant to the science and practice of behavior analysis.

  • MNABA recognizes the need to understand the cultural contingencies of racism and to develop contingencies that fight racial and social injustices in our community and our society.

  • MNABA commits to schedule town-hall sessions for members to discuss the contingencies surrounding racism and methods of combating it in our communities.

  1. Maintain professional and ethical standards in the science and practice of behavior analysis.

  • MNABA commits to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all our members and friends. We also promise to advocate for all individuals we serve including the black community and those in underrepresented neighborhoods. MNABA pledges to reach out to current stakeholders in the community to see how we can provide better support in these areas.

  1. Enhance interest in behavior analysis.

  • MNABA continues to organize events, especially the annual conference, that will interest ALL members and those in our community. MNABA also wants to provide a platform for members to speak up, especially those in underrepresented communities, about how to eliminate social and racial injustice. Currently, MNABA is developing a panel for this year’s annual conference to have such a discussion.

  1. Support and encourage students and others to become behavior analysts.

  • MNABA will dedicate goals in our strategic plan that support to students and professionals of all backgrounds that are interested in behavior analysis and disseminating our field to our community.

  1. Increase public awareness and understanding of behavior analysis.

  • MNABA is devoted to developing ways our members and the rest of our field can use behavior analysis to support the communities we serve, especially those that are underrepresented.

This is a difficult time for our home state and country; however, MNABA pledges to work towards being an anti-racist organization in order to serve our community.

In Solidarity,


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