MNABA response to Minnesota Psychological Association Legislative Update Posting

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

On June 26, 2018, the Minnesota Psychological Association (MPA) posted a legislative update asking its members to weigh in on the potential licensure of Behavior Analysts, however there were inaccuracies in the information presented. The Minnesota Northland Association for Behavior Analysis (MNABA) and its members offer responses to those inaccuracies in a letter to the MPA. The full response can be viewed by clicking below:

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MNABA is committed to serving our community through the ethical dissemination of behavior analysis. This means that we are obliged to respond to misunderstandings about our field and practice. MNABA and the behavior analysis community at large encourages collaboration and discussion with other fields and practices. Through better understanding, we can better serve all of our clients. We hope our responses here lead to more discussions about behavior analysis and how to best serve our community together.

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