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Parents, Educators, Consumers, and Stakeholders in Behavior Analytic Services


Are you or a loved one receiving behavior support?  Are you an educator that is looking to find out how ABA can help in your classroom?  MNABA can help you to connect with community resources and become informed.

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Finding ABA Services

Click a quick link below or head to our Finding ABA Services Page

Not finding what you need? Email with any questions.


Connect to Others

Visit the Autism Resource Portal on Facebook! Click below for more resources.

Kids in Preschool

Autism Resource Portal

Find out everything you need to know about benefits, services, and supports for autism in Minnesota.

Find Positive Support Services

Use to find positive support services in your area. Click below to find more information on positive supports.

Community: Standards

What to Expect From Your Behavior Analyst

What should you expect from your behavior analyst?  The highest level of quality and ethical standards!


The Standards of Practice for Applied Behavioral Analysis in Minnesota is a handbook for community members on the quality of services you should expect.  Scroll down to read more.


MNABA wrote the Standards of Practice in 2012 to promote the highest standards of behavioral treatment.  Click the picture above, or the link below to learn about what you can expect from your behavior analyst.


The Minnesota Northland Association for Behavior Analysis (MNABA) supports the elimination of restraint and seclusion as components of therapeutic treatment regimens for children, adolescents, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and mental health disorders. Restraint should only be used in the case of emergency (immediate threat to safety of the individual or others in close proximity), and should be considered a safety protocol not having therapeutic benefit.

Looking for Help?

We have a board member just for the community!  Contact our Community Member Chair for help by clicking below.

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