2020 MNABA Conference

MNABA's annual event brings local and national speakers to your backyard.


Due to COVID-19 we will be offering a 9-day series of special virtual events from September 19th through September 27th, designed to fit into - not compete with - your work day.


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Who will be there?

MNABA welcomes Dr. Tim Vollmer as our keynote speaker this year! Dr. Vollmer is a faculty member at the University of Florida Department of Psychology.

To learn more about Dr. Vollmer's work, click here.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Solutions Behavioral Healthcare Professionals

Solutions' mission is: Rooted in the belief that change is possible; person-centered and designed to empower independence; technically sound and informed by science; and administered in a supportive and respectful work environment.

Behavioral Dimensions

Behavioral Dimensions, Inc. Provides ABA services for individuals throughout Minnesota. Services are delivered by a team of licensed psychologists; board certified behavior analysts, and highly-trained practitioners. 


Fraser is Minnesota’s largest and most experienced provider of autism and early childhood mental health services. Fraser serves infants through adults with healthcare, housing, education and employment. Their programs are nationally recognized for being high quality, innovative and individualized to each family.


SKILLs – Autism Therapy & Parent Enrichment (SKILLs – ATPE) was founded by autism professionals, advocates and parents who saw a gap and need in a true behavior intervention for individuals with autism that is based on child/person centered, family driven and culturally responsive treatment plans to fit the child/adult and the family's needs.

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