BCBA Licensing Bill

Current Status of the BCBA Licensing Bill


The MN House unanimously passed the Autism EIDBI fix bill on 4/24/17. Since it passed the senate version, there is no need for a conference committee and now it goes to the Governor for signing.

This is remarkable news in today’s polarized environment.

Thank you to the exceptional bipartisan group of legislators who worked with a strong group of DHS officials, Governor Dayton, and unified community advocates to ensure that needy children can access this important EPSDT program.

The co-authors were:

Senator Jim Abeler
Senator John Hoffman
Senator Greg Clausen
Representative Roz Peterson
Representative Nick Zerwas
Representative Laurie Halverson

Representative Erin Maye Quade


The Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy (BBHT) is MNABA’s current choice for a vehicle for licensing behavior analysts in Minnesota. This Board would rely on the BACB to determine who is eligible to be licensed in Minnesota.

The current draft (February 2017) is completely different from the previous drafts. This current draft is designed to alleviate the need for a separate state rule to be published in order to implement the law. This is because the previous draft was not detailed enough to alleviate the need for a rule. It is different in structure, but not in substance. It still includes a Behavior Analyst and an Assistant Behavior Analyst, and it protects both the title and practice of behavior analysis without requiring that teachers, DD providers, and psychologists are required to get a second license in order to practice or become a certified behavior analyst.

Please read and review the attached draft, and send your comments to legislative@mnaba.org.

  1. Once we agree on a “final” version of the bill, then the BBHT will take the bill to the Council of Health Boards to get their approval as required in www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=214.001
  1. After they approve, we will identify a legislator to be the chief author (probably Sen. Eaton).
  1. Then we go to the Minnesota Revisor’s office to have them write it as a bill for the legislative process by December 2017.
  1. Then we will work with the chair of the relevant committees to get it introduced in January 2018. The chair will identify their preferred funding strategy for the costs of the bill – either supplement behavior analyst fees from the general fund, or get a one time subsidy from the general fund to cover the costs of the BBHT administration. This would be added on as another section of the bill.

Current 2017 Senate Committees:

Health and Human Services Finance and Policy (Chair:  Senator Michelle Benson, R-Ham Lake)

Human Services Reform Finance and Policy (Chair:  Senator Jim Abeler, R-Anoka)

Current 2017 House Committees:

HHS Finance (Chair:  Rep. Matt Dean, R-Dellwood)

HHS Reform (Chair:  Rep Joe Schomacker, R-Luverne)

  1. Before the bill gets a hearing in 2018, we get letters of support from the Governor and the affected agencies (DOH, DHS, DOE) and other affected professions (teachers, DD, social work, counseling, psychology).

Here is the current draft of the BCBA Licensing Bill.